SF, Bay Area
Co-Founder & Co-CEO: Relyance | Actively Hiring
      Advisor: Unusual Ventures
      Prev: Founding Team / Head of Analytics & ML: FogHorn
abhisharma.b at gmail dot com

I was born in Northern India (close to the Himalayan range). Studied CS and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Always open to learn more about wine, tech, human intelligence, spirituality, progress, and incentives.

If you are a first-time founder — feeling ready to bootstrap, raise a seed round, need technology or VC advice, or just want to bounce off ideas; feel free to reach out.

Channels: GitHub | LinkedIn

Technology Interest Areas/Expertise:
1.Large Scale Distributed Systems & Edge Computing
2.FP, Compiler Design, & High-Performance Machine Learning (ML) Runtime
3.Intelligence Augmentation (IA) & Tools for Thought
4.Augmented Reality (AR) fo Cognitive Assistance
5.Technology at the Intersection of Domains
6.Study of Human Progress